Word Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Women of today are experimenting a lot with tattoos and are choosing various attractive phrases and words to get them inked on their body. There are several word tattoo ideas for girls that look unique and cool. Many women prefer getting names of significant people or deceased loved ones, poetry and personal song lyrics carved on them. Zodiac symbols or words and quotations also look stunning on a woman. Choice of words, colors and tattoo placement are the important aspects of these designs. Read on to know the various tattoo ideas for these designs.

Various Tattoo Ideas
The following are a few word tattoo ideas that look extremely amazing on women when they are sported using good and bright colors that suit your personality.

  • Quotations: Many women prefer getting quotations that use lots of motivation inked on them. They can also sport a phrase that has a very special meaning. These designs look really attractive when they are carved using black color as it is the best color used for both lettering and scripting. You can also use black for outlining and fill any bright color inside the tattoo. These tattoos look great on the lower back and the shorter quotations can be sported either on the shoulder blades or wrist.
  • Lyrics and Poetry: You can sport the lyrics of your favorite poem or a song sung by your grandma to stand out from the crowd. You can get creative by inserting certain words into the setting or you can have a background using a scroll. Black is again the best color for these designs as well. You can sport long lyrics or a poem on your rib cage as it is considered an ideal spot for getting a script inked. You can also get one large script inked on your upper back as it can accommodate good quality tattoos. However, calf and forearms are also great places for getting these tattoos inked.
  • Names: You can get your name, your child’s name on your body and this is considered as one of the best word tattoo ideas. You can even get the name of a family member or a friend inked on you as a tribute. Black again is the best color for getting the names inked. You can also get them shaded with a color that suits your personality. Foot, forearms and wrist are the common places where you can get these tattoos inked.
  • Zodiac Symbols: You can sport Zodiac-related symbols or words at any place on your body and you can even customize them. You can get them inked in any color and you can add dates and other details as well. These tattoos look great when sported on the foot, back of the neck, wrist and shoulder blade.

This was all about the various word tattoo ideas for girls. Make sure that you get them carved from a reputed tattoo parlor in order to avoid complications.

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