Tattoos and Diabetes

People love to get their bodies tattooed as it is considered one of the permanent and best form of body art. This art requires injection of the ink into the skin with the help of sharp needles. Tattoos and diabetes are closely related to each other, as a person suffering from diabetes can complicate the process of healing after getting a tattoo. Diabetic patients may have to control their glucose levels before getting their body inked. They may have to consider proper wound care and blood glucose levels in order to have a very successful tattoo experience. Read on to know more about tattoos and diabetes along with the various designs.

Various Tattoo Ideas

  • Tattoo lovers often prefer getting a design inked which has some significance and meaning and there are designs that represent tattoos and diabetes.
  • Many people suffering from this condition prefer getting a tattoo inked that indicates their medical condition.
  • You can sport a permanent medical symbol as this can also be of great help to the medical examiner making it easy for him/her to identify this condition easily in case of an emergency.
  • You can sport a text that indicates your diabetes type or a clear medical symbol that indicates this condition.
  • You can even add your personal flair to these standard medical symbols if you want to make the design look more attractive.

Tattoo Placement
Diabetics should be careful while selecting the location for the tattoo in order to avoid further complications. Make sure that you avoid getting a tattoo inked on places where there is poor blood circulation like buttocks, shins, ankles and feet. You can get a design carved on your thighs, arms and abdomen. Make sure that you get a tattoo on these places itself for a quick healing process of the tattoo.

What to Consider?

  • You may have to consider a lot of factors as tattoos and diabetes depend on each other.
  • Tattooing procedure purely depends on the complexity and size of the design. Depending on these factors the process can be lengthy as well as stress-inducing.
  • Make sure that you stabilize your food and blood glucose levels in your system before getting a tattoo inked.
  • There are chances for your blood glucose levels to rise due to the pain and stress exerted during the procedure. In such cases, you may have to return to the parlor the next day for the rest of the tattoo application.

Make sure that you inform your tattoo artist that you are suffering from diabetes, so that he/she may provide you with the required aftercare information that may suit your medical condition. Before getting a tattoo inked see to it that you research enough on the sanitation practices and reputation of the parlor. Doing this will help you reduce the risks of complications and infections that may occur during the application of the tattoo.

However, there are chances for person to suffer from MRI complications, blood borne diseases, skin problems such as keloids, skin infections and allergic reactions due to to tattoo application. Diabetic patients are more prone to these risks and these can be lowered with awareness of stable glucose levels, proper aftercare, safety precautions tattoo facilities.

This was all about the tattoos and diabetes. If you really want to get a tattoo, then see to it that you maintain healthy glucose levels during the procedure as this helps in overcoming other complications.

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