Wrist Tattoos for Guys

Wrist tattoos have become quite popular among both men and women. There are a wide variety of options in wrist tattoos for guys. The famous English soccer player David Beckham sports a beautiful tattoo that is worthy of praises on his wrist. Read on to know more about the various wrist tattoo ideas available for guys.

Various Tattoo Ideas
Although many tattoo lovers choose to get their wrists inked, it has has not yet become a common place. There are many possibilities in wrist tattoos for guys to be explored by the appreciators. Guys can opt for a wraparound designs which covers their entire wrist or they can even choose a single image or design inked on either side of the wrist. They can even choose certain phrases, names or words that hold a special meaning on their wrist. The following are a few more tattoo ideas for guys.

  • Wraparound Wrist Tattoos: These designs add a whole lot of visual appeal and flair to your wrist. You can sport a flowing design that double backs on your wrist or extends across it as it looks perfectly amazing. Many guys prefer getting a wraparound tribal wrist tattoo. Barbed wires, Celtic tattoos, vines and flames are few more wraparound tattoo ideas. You can also get some meaningful quotes, phrases or sentences carved in a different language on your wrist.
  • Single Design Tattoos: Most of the tattoo enthusiasts find a single design or an image very sexy and attractive compared to specific spoke words or wraparound designs and these are one of the best wrist tattoos for guys. You can sport a single design on the inner side of your wrist and Celtic designs, tribal tattoos, Zodiac signs, rosary and Kanji characters are a few popular single design wrist tattoos.
  • Word Wrist Tattoos: Guys can sport names or words of anything important on their wrist. ‘Belief’, ‘Kind’, ‘Discipline’, ‘Purpose’, ‘Change’, ‘Simplicity’ and ‘Love’ are a few word wrist tattoo ideas for guys. You can also come up with your unique powerful statement that will create an awareness among people. You can also opt for opposites on both sides of your wrist like ‘love’ and ‘hate’, ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ or ‘earth’ and ‘heaven’.

Wrist tattoos for guys can cause severe pain due to the presence of thin skin layer and can sometimes lead to infections. Proper aftercare will help in overcoming infections quickly. So, get a tattoo that is catchy, attractive and one that grabs the attention of the viewers easily!

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