Skull Tattoos for Girls

People try to look out for various unique designs and patterns just to stand out in a crowd. Skull tattoos for girls are unique tattoo designs that look outrageous. These designs have deep symbolic meanings attached to them. Meanings may change from design to design and according to the skull. You can depict these designs using several ways. Girls can carry out these designs with more aplomb than the boys when the right design is sported. Read on to know the various designs available in skull tattoos for girls.

Various Tattoo Ideas
There are several skull tattoo designs available for girls. These tattoos can also be combined with other designs such as flames, dragons, crosses, angel wings etc. The following are a few more designs of skull tattoos.

  • Grim Reaper: This design is the most common and popular skull tattoo among women, though it gives you an evil look. Grim reapers are etched holding a scythe in their hand and are known to harvest the soul of a person. You can add a little humor to the designs by getting a grim reaper inked holding a guitar.
  • Sugar Skull Tattoos: These designs are highly decorative and are also quite popular among girls. It is etched using the skull and various colors that depict both death and life of a person. You can also decorate them by using various flowers and patterns. These tattoos are usually sported in memory of their loved ones.
  • Deer and Bull Skull Tattoos: It is not necessary that you need to sport only a human skull. You can also get the skull of the animals such as deer and bull inked as they are quite popular. People who are more into hunting often tend to sport the tattoos of deer skull.
  • Crossbones and Skull Tattoos: These are also known as the Jolly Roger tattoos. These designs are designed using a skull and crossbones and are often sported by the pirates. You can also sport a black flag along with this design and you can use a flaming skull instead of the normal one.
  • Other Skull Tattoos: Eagle skull tattoos, demonic skull tattoos, butterfly skull tattoos, octopus skull tattoos, rose skull tattoos, skull and flame tattoos are a few other popular skull tattoo designs.

This is all about the various skull tattoos for girls. Make sure that you will choose a design that suits your personality. Happy Tattooing!

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  1. I love Grim Reaper tattoo design. I have it colored light gray on my right arm.

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