Vine Tattoos on Foot

People love getting a tattoo inked on their body as there are a variety of designs and patterns that they can experiment with. They should also keep in mind that it is also important to sport a tattoo that depicts their personality completely. Vine tattoos on foot are very popular among women mostly, as they are very much in vogue and look simple giving your feet an elegant look. Read on to know the various designs available for these tattoos.

Why are They Popular?
Vine tattoos on foot symbolize harmony and growth and are considered as peace symbols. They make your feet look superbly decorative giving them a delicate look. They are also a perfect example for feminine tattoos. Women get to experiment a lot with these designs.

These vine designs cover most of your body without using excess ink. You can sport long vine tattoos that can cover up your entire leg at the same time leaving a little space for the skin to breathe. These simple designs look trendy and also look perfect on the feet of a woman.

Various Tattoo Ideas

  • Grape vine and ivy vine tattoos on foot are very popular among girls. You can sport an entire poison ivy vine or a single leaf as it signifies danger and beauty.
  • You can sport these tattoos along with flowers and leaves as these designs can be sported with both bold and delicate look depending on the type of designs, leaves and flowers.
  • You can make the design look a little decorative by adding butterflies and hearts. Make sure that your tattoo artist inks the same flower or leaves for the entire design.
  • Stars and vines with a variety of strokes can also be sported using a single color or you can even make them look colorful if you wish.
  • Multicolor designs should not be inked with more than three colors and the size of the design purely depends on the placement.
  • If you want to look cool and funky then you can get the vines inked in the shape of the letter ‘S’ and you can also add a variety of variations if you want a classy look.

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