Wiccan Tattoo Ideas

Wiccan tattoos are the best designs for people who like to explore the mystical and magical things. There were many controversies on people sporting them. However, it purely depends on the mindset of the person sporting them. Wicca is considered as a neopagan religion which has no boundaries, guidelines or rules and people following it worship nature through magical spells.

Wicca is often related to witchcraft as the people following it maintain secrecy and are known for their various practices. The mysterious allure of Wicca has forced people to get these tattoos inked on them without understanding or knowing about various practices and beliefs involved in it. Read on to know more about the elements and designs available for Wiccan tattoos.

Elements for Wicca
It is difficult to understand Wicca completely unless and until you have a little idea on the elements of this belief. The following are a few elements of Wicca.

  • “Do, what you will so long as it harms none”, is the very important and first declaration of Wicca practice.
  • You should believe that there is a Goddess and a God, but many believe that it the Goddess that they have to worship.
  • ‘The law of Threeffold Return’ is similar to the law of Karma, which states that the energy you put will returns back three times stronger to you.

Various Tattoo Ideas

  • Wiccan tattoos can be designed in many ways according to the individuals belief.
  • Make sure that you sport a good design which illustrates all your private thoughts.
  • You can get the tattoo of the Goddess on your body as she is considered to be the supreme being.
  • You can sport Goddess Gaea as Mother Earth, supporting or carrying the male God or the giver of life as well as they portray her superiority.
  • You can sport a Moon standing in contrast to the Sun also.
  • Different sects of this system worship male God as well and he is believed to have horns, hooves on feet and a ram’s head.
  • However, there are controversies that male God depicts Satan and Wicca is related to evil or satanism.
  • In reality, these tattoos only portray the urge to worship mother nature above all beings or as an independent entity.
  • Pentagram is the popular Wiccan designs with five points that represent the air, earth, water, fire and the spirit.

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