Military Tattoo Designs

Tattoo have been known since ancient times and today it is a modern art form used as a style statement or self expression. Many people sport tattoos in order to symbolize the hidden meaning in it which are closely associated with their life. Military tattoo designs have various hidden symbolic meanings. Earlier, these tattoos were made by soldiers who served in World war and today they are sported by the veterans in memory of the dead soldiers.

Various Meanings
Patriotism is the most important symbol of military tattoo designs. These designs mainly symbolize national fervor and nationalism. Military tattoos are sported by people in order to keep the military spirit of the people served the country alive even after service. Many people sport these tattoos in permanent memory of a particular operation they had participated.

Most of them also sport these tattoos in memory of their loved ones who perished in war. People who are active servicemen are not supposed to sport a tattoo according the military rules and regulations. Therefore, you only find ex-servicemen sporting these designs. Read on to know the various designs available for these tattoos.

Various Tattoo Ideas

  • Other designs belonging to different divisions of armed forces such as navy, army and air force are used for these military tattoo designs.
  • As the symbols for all the above mentioned armed forces are same, you usually come across them in these military designs as well.
  • Other symbols like bald eagle, star and anchor are also combined along with these designs.
  • You can even personalize these designs by adding the time, year and the name of the operation you served along with these designs.
  • Many people also get the initials or names engraved along with military designs.
  • American eagle, dog tag, lion, fighter plane, sword, etc. are a few of the cool military tattoos.
  • You can also get the flag of your country inked on you using different patterns and styles.
  • You can even combine religious symbols like the Holy Cross along with these designs.
  • These military designs look very attractive when the right patterns and colors are used. However, these tattoos are mostly preferred by men than women.

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