Evil Clown Tattoos

Many people sport tattoos which are synonymous with the mental state, nature and behavior of the person sporting it. Clowns are usually known for their merriment, playfulness and laughter. However, there are grey, deep and dark shades as well for them. Evil clown tattoos portray the evil characteristics of the clown and the following are a few designs available for these tattoos.

Tattoo Meaning

  • Evil clown tattoos generally reflect the darker side or negative characteristics of a person.
  • Sometimes, they represent fright and fear and they are always depicted with dreadful features and scary faces.
  • The deepest hidden meaning of these designs is to overcome the fear as many people have fear for the clowns.
  • The criminal bent of mind and dark aspects like inhuman acts, murder and treachery are also depicted through these designs.
  • Sometimes, these designs also symbolize violence and suppressed evil desires.

Various Tattoo Ideas
People prefer getting these tattoos inked on their chest, arms, shoulders and back. Many people prefer getting clowns inked with gloomy or fearful expressions which are different from the normal designs. Read on to know the various designs available for these tattoos.

  • Gangster Clown: These designs symbolize destruction and killing and are generally carved with an arm or a weapon. Gangster clowns are inked with scary and violent faces.
  • Death Head Clown: These are one of the most morbid and popular evil clown tattoos. Death head clowns are inked with their head strangulated with flames of fire or ropes emanating above their head.
  • Bleeding Clown: These designs are inked or carved creating the blood oozing effect either from the eye or mouth of the clown. Bleeding clown tattoo symbolizes treachery, killing and murder.
  • Mean Clown: These designs have clowns with strange and peculiar expressions of peevishness and anger. Mean clown tattoos have a crooked red nose that depicts hatred and irritation for everyone.
  • Sad Gogo: These tattoos are sported by people who are unhappy and sad. Sad gogo tattoos generally reflect unhappiness, sadness and suppressed misery.

Make sure that you choose a tattoo which has a deep meaning before getting it inked on your body. Inappropriate designs may portray wrong impression or people may judge you wrong. However, evil clown tattoos are sported by people with ‘insane’ and ‘darker’ shades and not by people leading a happy life.

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