Chest Tattoos for Men

Chest Tattoos for Men
Sporting a tattoo for men is very enticing and earlier chest tattoos were sported by hard core wild bikers. However, guys today sport a tattoo as a fashion statement and there are several designs available for chest tattoos for men. Men prefer getting their chest tattooed because of the large area it provides to sport a huge design. Make sure that you choose a design which looks appealing and sensible on your body. Read the following article to know the various designs available for chest tattoos for men.

Various Tattoo Ideas
The following are a few ideas for chest tattoos for men which will be helpful for all the men planning to get a chest tattoo inked on their chest.

  • Wolf Tattoos: These designs are pretty popular among the Native Americans who mostly believe in a creature having supernatural powers. Many men prefer getting the head of a wolf with fangs and in a ferocious howling position inked on their chest. A howling wolf along with moon covered with dark clouds or wolf jumping out of flames are a few more options available for men.
  • Dragon Tattoos: This is also a very popular design preferred by many men as a dragon is called as a mystical creature which symbolizes power and wisdom. You can sport a design which has yellow and red dragons spitting fire flames or you can also sport a dragon with its fangs out and tail striking its prey and they look amazing on your chest. If you plan to sport a unique design then go for a dragon with a huge sword and closed eyes.
  • Tribal Tattoos: These are also popular chest tattoos for men and are known for their beautiful art which consists of intricate designs and flowing lines. You can sport tribal designs along with curved symmetrical lines teamed with interwoven geometric symbols. You can also sport Celtic designs along with guns and daggers. Animals like lions and snakes can also be sported on your chest.
  • Morbid Tattoos: Tattoos with a snake coming out of a skull’s eye socket look wiered and cool and are known as morbid tattoos. You can sport a large knife pierced in the middle of an anatomical heart. You can even get creative and sport a chained girl screaming in anguish or a bat with blood shot eyes, fangs and with the spread wings on your chest.
  • Tattoo Lettering: You can use various lettering styles to a few unique words which hold some value in your life. Many men usually sport the name of their girlfriend on their chest and they even get words like ‘Revenge’, ‘Faith’, ‘Serenity’, etc inked using various fonts. You can also get a Bible verse carved on your chest.

Chest tattoos for men have two advantages – one is that they can be hidden easily whenever needed and second, it provides a huge flat area to sport a huge design. Make sure that you opt for a professional tattoo artist and choose a design which depicts your personality.

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