Scottish Tattoo Designs

If you are planning to get a tattoo which represents ancient culture and historic elements then Scottish tattoo designs are the best option. These designs hail from the ancient Celtic and Scottish cultures. These designs for men represents true gentlemen, loyal lovers and brave warriors. Read the following article to know more about the various Scottish tattoo designs.

Various Tattoo Ideas
The following are a few tattoo ideas and meaning of Scottish designs.

  • Scottish Highlanders Tattoo: Scottish highlanders are referred to the warriors who lived in the Scottish Highlands. Scottish highlander tattoos look authentic and these are great designs which can be inked on your body.
  • Scottish Saltire Tattoos: Scottish Saltire is used as a cross on the national flag by the Scouts. This was also called as Saint Andrew’s Cross which was inked in white color along a blue background. These designs represents sheer patriotism and nationality of the people.
  • Scottish Family and Clan Names: These tattoos are inked usually to represent which family you belong to. These designs represent the deep connection of Scotland.
  • Scottish Thistle Tattoos: Thistle is a plant with a purple flower and is known as a symbol of toughness. This plant is covered with thorns and grows in an infertile land mostly. Scottish thistle tattoos represent ruggedness, toughness and bravery.
  • Scottish Military Tattoos: These tattoos were sported by soldiers mostly in order to identify them. Scottish military tattoos generally symbolize power and strength of a person.
  • Scottish Lion Rampant Designs: This designs is very popular and favorite among many people across the globe. It is designed in red color with a yellow background. These designs can be sported by both men and women. This tattoo represents a person’s connection with the Scottish soils.
  • Scottish Firefighter Tattoos: Scotland is full of eminent firefighters and these designs represent the techniques used by fire fighting heroes during fire-fighting. These are also sported in memory of a fallen fighter. You can sport the fighters hat or ladder name, name, death date or birth date in honor and memory of a dead fighter. A lifetime service design is another firefighter tattoo which is sported by people who reach highly respectable position in his/her career.

Scottish tattoo designs bring out the importance of Scottish culture and history and you can also get these tattoos inked to look unique as well.

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