Celtic Tattoos for Women

There are several tattoo options that range from different meanings, cultural and religious symbols available for all the tattoo lovers. Sporting a tattoo these days has become a fashion statement among both men and women. Celtic tattoos for women are very popular for their detailed and intricate artwork. These designs are identified for their inter-weaved and inter-locking lines, circles and spirals that look beautiful and attractive. Read on to know more about Celtic tattoos for women.

Various Tattoo Ideas
These designs for women mainly emphasize on the beauty and intricacy along with deeper symbolism mainly. The details of various designs available for these tattoos are given below.

  • Celtic Cross Tattoos: These are very popular Celtic tattoo designs. A Celtic cross tattoo looks similar to that of a Christian cross where the intersection is surrounded by a circle. You can sport an intricate knot around the cross as well if you opt for a detailed and unique look. This design can be sported on your wrist, upper arm or back of your body..
  • Celtic Butterfly Tattoos: These are the favorite designs opted by many women as they have a wide variety of choices. Celtic butterfly tattoos look striking and naturally beautiful. These designs symbolize rebirth and transformation. They also symbolize celebration, good luck, prosperity and freedom. You can sport these designs on any part of the body. However, they look attractive when you get them inked on your lower back.
  • Celtic Knot Tattoos: They are the most common and wanted Celtic designs. Many people believe that these designs have magical powers but, they are also known for eternity. These designs have endless loops and lines without any beginning or ending.
  • Celtic Heart Tattoos: These designs symbolize love, devotion and union of two souls. Love knot tattoos is the other name given for Celtic heart tattoos and they really look beautiful on women.

Flower, angel, sun and moon designs are a few more Celtic tattoos for women. You can even come up with a much more personalized and unique design. Make sure that you choose a design which looks perfect and exquisite on you.

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