Shoulder Blade Tattoos

Shoulder Blade Tattoos
Many people get confused in choosing the right place for getting a tattoo inked on their body. Shoulder blade tattoos are the best choice for confused people as they look attractive and they also provide you with option of hiding them if do not wish to expose them. There are several designs which look perfect on your shoulder blade. Read on to know more about the details of various designs available for these tattoos.

Perfect Placement of the Tattoo
Shoulder blade tattoos look great and are very prominent. Shoulder blades provide a flat area right above the upper back for sporting a huge design. Shoulder blade tattoos look a little similar to upper back tattoos. You can get one design inked on either one side or both sides of the shoulder blade. You can also get one huge design inked in the middle of the two shoulder blades.

Who Can Sport?
Shoulder blade tattoos can be sported by both men and women. However, these are more common among men. Women can also sport as they can be easily hidden when not wanted. Guys usually tend to extend these designs over their entire back or towards their arms. Women can flaunt these designs by teaming up a spaghetti straps along with cool denims as they add grace when the tattooed skin gets exposed through the straps. Tribal shoulder blade designs are popular among both men and women.

Various Designs

The following are a few designs available for shoulder blade tattoos.

  • The shoulder blade curve provides great space for getting an angel wings inked and is the best design for getting both the blades tattooed.
  • Chinese tattoo characters are also popular shoulder blade designs preferred by many people.
  • You can get a little creative and can get a single line message that speaks completely about your style of living, personality etc. on your shoulder blade This design may run across your two shoulder blades.
  • Tribal shoulder blade designs are very popular among men as they bring out the masculinity.
  • First time tattooers may opt for small flowers, stars or butterflies designs on the shoulder blade.
  • Zodiac and Celtic designs are also very popular as they look awesome on your large shoulder blade. Celtic designs can also be extended towards your back or arm.
  • Shooting star and vine tattoos look very pretty and they are mostly sported by women.
  • These designs look perfect when the right colors, size and patterns are used. Make sure that you opt for a color which looks graceful, cool and beautiful.

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