One Word Tattoos for Girls

Many people prefer getting one word tattoos inked on their body as they look attractive and they also provide a medium for you to express what you feel. These tattoos have also gained popularity among women mainly. However, these designs look good on both men and women. Read on to know about all the one word tattoos which can be inked on your skin to make a style statement.

Various Tattoo Ideas for Girls
There are several factors like your choice, size, location and styling of the design which adds elegance to these designs. The following are a few one word tattoos for girls.

  • Names: You can get the name of your loved one, in memory, in narcissism, in love or romance, in hope and identity. You can get a single word etched on your skin which describes you to some extent. However, many people prefer getting names of their loved ones inked on them. You can get the name of your lover, husband, role model or your own name inked on any part of your body.
  • Places: You can get the name of your city or place you live to display the love for your country and this symbolizes patriotism. This can keep you reminded of the places you love the most and in which you have a few memories associated. You can also get the name of your favorite sports team inked on your body as it symbolizes your love and support for the team.
  • Influencing and Quality Words: There are several qualities or words which influence people in many ways. Many people prefer getting the qualities or influencing words inked on their body as they believe that they provide help and strength to be better people and to live a better life. These designs also speak a lot about the mental status of a person. Addiction, misunderstood, maverick, clueless, numb and peace are a few words preferred by many people.

Location and Styling
Girls have to consider styling and location factors before getting a one word tattoo on their skin, read on to know about them.

  • You need to decide certain factors like complicated or simple design, font size, color and if you want any other design along with it before getting this tattoo inked.
  • Make sure that you decide the place where you want to get the tattoo inked before itself.
  • Behind calves, ears, wrist, base of the neck, inside arms, ankles, shoulder blades, across fingers, waist and navel are the popular places for girls who want to get this design carved.
  • You can get an ambigram as it has gained lot of popularity among the masses and it is also known for its interesting way of expressing what you feel.
  • You can come up with your own creative idea as well to look unique and attractive.

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