Ribcage Tattoos for Guys

Ribcage Tattoos for Guys
Tattoos are considered as non verbal way of expressing what one feels as the design a person sports speaks a lot more about his/her emotions and views. Every design has its own origin or history, characteristics and meaning. Ribcage tattoos for guys look cool and attractive. Guys opt to get a tattoo inked on their ribcage as it accommodates larger designs though they may cause severe pain and discomfort. The following article explains more clearly about the various designs available for ribcage tattoos for guys.

Various Tattoo Ideas
Many guys prefer getting a tattoo on their ribcage to get a large design carved. You can get a little innovative and creative by getting an interconnecting tattoo which connects both the ribcage and the back of your body. You can ask the artist to use bold colors and designs and the following are a few of them.

  • Celtic Designs: A group of people known as Celts invented these designs and they are known for their knots and intricate designs. Celtic butterfly, knots, crosses etc. are a few popular Celtic designs. These designs mainly signify fertility and growth and are the best ribcage designs for men.
  • Quotes and Sayings: This is one of the popular and best ribcage tattoos as they act as peculiar medium to express your feelings and thoughts through a saying or a quote. You can get them inked in beautiful fonts and colors. You can even sport a single word which has a deep meaning instead of a long quote.
  • Snake Tattoos: These designs are considered as one of the masculine designs for guys as they have both negative and positive meanings. Snake designs occupy most of the space on your rib as they are usually made big. These signs signify a lot as a snake shedding its skin symbolizes rebirth and forked tongue of a snake signifies a person who lies.
  • Dragon Tattoos: These are large designs and they really look attractive on your ribcage when vibrant colors are used. European, Japanese, Tribal and Chinese dragon tattoos are popular dragon designs. These designs have their own physical features and meaning.

The above mentioned ideas for ribcage tattoos for guys will surely be of great use for all the guys planning to get one ribcage tattoo. Make sure that you choose a design from the above which suits your personality.

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