Tattoo Placement Ideas

Many people opt for permanent or semi-permanent or temporary tattoos. There are a variety of designs available for all the tattoo lovers and most of them opt for a permanent design. Text, butterfly, dragon, star, lion designs are very popular tattoos preferred by both men and women. Tattoos placement is the next important thing after you choose a tattoo with a deeper meaning to make a style statement. Read on to know more about the tattoo placement ideas that will help you to flaunt the design in style.

Ideas for Tattoo Placement
For all those people who wonder which part of the body to get tattooed, the following are a few tattoo placement ideas. It is important to keep in mind certain ethics as a few corporate places may not accept you to sport a tattoo on your wrist or arm.

  • Arms: This is one of the most common place to sport a tattoo. Many men prefer getting a tattoo on their sleeves or arms just to show off their muscles. Heart, dragon, skull tattoos etc. are the most common designs preferred by men. Women prefer getting a tattoo on their wrist as it resembles exactly a bracelet. Flowers and butterfly designs are popular wrist tattoos. Ring tattoos are also in fashion you can sport one on your finger to look cool and happening.
  • Back: This place is very good to sport large designs and both women and men can sport an appealing design on their back. Military, bikers, dragon, lion etc. are a few best back tattoo designs. Many women prefer getting a tattoo which travels all through their back and lower back tattoos are very popular. Zodiac, butterfly, star, heart tattoos etc. are usually sported on the lower back.
  • Legs: This place is very good for girls to sport a tattoo. Vine tattoos are popular leg designs preferred by many women. You can even combine butterfly and floral tattoos with it. You can also opt for toe ring or abstract art on your leg.
  • Stomach: Belly button and stomach tattoos are considered as the unique places for getting a tattoo. There are many designs available and flower and sun tattoos are popular. Rib cage or chest tattoos are also popular and there are several designs available for this.

I hope you are now aware of the tattoo placement ideas. However, a tattoo on your face is risky and may cause a lot of pain. Tattoos on the front and back of your neck are also risky as there are chances for you to suffer from infections. Placement of a tattoo also depend on the size of the design completely.

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