Lower stomach tattoos

Tattooing was an art form in the ancient times and it only gained popularity in 20th century. Lower stomach tattoos have also gained popularity among men and women. One advantage of sporting a tattoo is that it provides large space for inking large designs and you can even hide them if you do not want to expose. Read on to know more about the cute designs available for both men and women.

Various Tattoo Ideas for Men
Lower stomach tattoos are sported by men as well and the following are the designs which suit them.

  • Dragon Tattoos: This is considered as the most inspiring figure found in foklore and mythologies. Dragon stands for strength, might and power. However, most of them believe that a dragon signifies evil as it has also got some negative traits. Many men sport this design as it symbolizes good and protector qualities. Dragon tattoos are perfect designs for men and they look attractive when sported on the lower stomach.
  • Anchor Tattoos: These designs were mostly sported by sailors in the ancient times as they are very closely associated with naval and marine careers. However, today’s generation sport anchor tattoos as they signify deeper meanings like strong foundation and stability.

Various Tattoo Ideas for Women
Lower stomach tattoos really look sensuous on women when light and delicate designs are sported. The following are a few tattoo ideas that will be helpful for women.

  • Flower Tattoos: Flowers are loved by every woman as they add grace and beauty to the look. Flower tattoos on lower stomach look cool and attractive as every flower has its own significance. You can sport a rose as it stands for passion and love, while lily and daisy stand for innocence. You can sport a chain of flowers of your choice on your stomach or even can even add other designs along with them to look unique.
  • Butterfly Tattoos: These designs are also favorite among many women as butterflies signify deeper meanings and symbolism. Butterfly designs represent change and transformation in life, it also represents rebirth and reincarnation and these look beautiful and attractive on women.

There are other lower stomach designs such as Zodiac tattoos, vine tattoos, star tattoos or you can even sport names as these look good on both men and women. You may also have to maintain good weight as a few extra pounds in this area can distort the design making it look completely ugly. You should also make sure that you get a design inked on your lower stomach by a professional tattoo artist.

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