Angel Rib Tattoos

These tattoos are mostly sported by people who want to show off their spiritual side. Angel rib tattoos symbolize good vs evil, peace, spirituality and beauty. Women sport these tattoos to represent their soul health, patience and calm nature. Men sport them just to have a detailed and elaborated design on their rib cage as this area can accommodate intricate designs. The following are various tattoo ideas for these designs.

Various Tattoo Ideas
The following are a few angel rib tattoos that can be sported by both men and women and these designs look attractive and cool when you get one carved on your ribs.

  • Guardian Angels: These angels are believed to protect human beings in the hour of need. They are usually carved which depicts them having a watch over the children of God. Many people sport elaborated design of these tattoos as they believe that guardian angels provide sustenance and protect them from dangers or troubles.
  • Archangels: These angels are considered to be very close to God and they carved in portraits with wings which are considered as the only decoration in the entire design and are dressed in simple robes in one or two simple colors. Rafael, Gabriel and Micheal are well popular archangels and are sported by most of them.
  • Cherubs: These designs look cute and the angels in design look adorable like small children. Many people sport cupid tattoo which depicts him holding a bow and an arrow.
  • Fallen Angels: These designs depict the battle between good and evil. Satan was thrown out of heaven for disobeying God and he gathered a few more fallen angels and formed a group. These designs depict the face of devil or Satan with evil looks. Fallen angel tattoos are mostly sported by Goths who practice dark art.

Getting an angel rib tattoos involves lot of pain and this can be reduced by following a few aftercare tips.

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