Guardian Angel Tattoos

Famous international sports star and celebrity David Beckham has a graceful guardian angel tattoo with his head bowed across his back. Getting an angel tattoo on your body has become a style statement among people of all ages. If you are planning to get one tattoo of this kind then read on to know about its significance and meaning.

Many people sport guardian angel tattoo as a memorial tattoo. The concept of guardian angel came from Roman Catholicism and these angels are considered as the messengers from God. It is believed that guardian angels protect the children of God from bad forces and evil. Wishes of all the people are also fulfilled by these angels.

Various Tattoo Ideas

  • There are different styles and types of guardian angel tattoo and they can range from small to large designs and also with wings as well.
  • You can even sport tattoos which are taken from the immortalized art of the Renaissance and middle age.
  • You can get a tattoo in a cheerful pose, sitting in meditative pose, swinging into action or erotic pose inked on your skin.
  • Cherubs, fallen angel and archangel tattoos are also popular guardian angel designs sported by many people.
  • Angel of death popularly known as ‘Grim Reaper’ falls under the category of dark angel group and this can also be sported.
  • The good and the bad elements of an individual can be showcased by sporting ‘angel devil’ tattoos. They also signify temptations, cranal desires, urge to give in, will power and to overcome temptations.

Guardian angel tattoos are mostly sported by men as they have several hidden meanings like relationship with God, peace, innocence, beauty, faith, purity, devotion and love. They are also believed to find solutions to complicated situations and challenges in every individual’s life. Many people sport this tattoo in order to have these angels close to their life. Some of them sport these tattoos in memory of their lost loved ones.

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