Sun and Moon Tattoos

Youngsters use tattoos or any other kind of body art as a self expression or to make a style statement. Tattoos have gained equal popularity among men, women, young adults and teenagers. One can experiment with expression and creativity with variety of options for designs, patterns and colors coming up. Many people sport sun and moon tattoos for strong symbolism and they have gained immense popularity in the recent times.

Hidden Meaning

  • The hidden meaning behind joining both sun and moon together is to symbolize the union of opposites.
  • Sun is considered as the masculine figure which signifies power and strength.
  • Moon is considered as the feminine figure which signifies unflappability and calmness.
  • Sun and moon tattoos are similar to that of good or bad or yin and yang tattoos.
  • This design signifies the basic principles of one’s life.
  • This symbol mainly symbolizes a person’s glories of the day and darkness of the night in his/her life.
  • This symbol also signifies love and marriage as well.

Sun Tattoo Designs
These tattoos signify feelings of oneness and unity and diversity. Sun design is considered as one of the most powerful symbol and is sported by many people. Sun usually stands for vigor, strength, light, harvest, fertility, reincarnation and power. Many tattoo lovers have various colored patterns of sun designs carved on their bodies.

Moon Tattoo Designs
These tattoos have gained popularity because of their hidden mythological meaning. Moon stands for motherhood and is also believed that it controls the emotions of humans. Moon tattoo designs are mostly sported by women.

Various Tattoo Ideas
You can sport Celtic or tribal sun and moon designs as they give you a unique look. Make sure that you take good care of tattoo as it can give rise to various allergic rashes and infections. Make sure that you sport a tattoo which depicts your personality completely.

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