Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

Different kinds of tattoo designs have gained popularity among celebrities as well as common people. Symbolic tattoos are the best option for people planning to sport a tattoo for the very first time. There are numerous options available, making it difficult to choose the best one . You should always sport a tattoo that complements your personality completely. Butterfly tattoos are the best option for all the women and you can sport these tattoos have a specific meaning. The following article explains the butterfly tattoo meaning.


  • A butterfly tattoo usually symbolizes grace and beauty as it is inked with different patterns and colors on the wings which gives you a feminine look.
  • These tattoos are very popular among many women.
  • A butterfly tattoo also signifies metamorphosis and change just like a butterfly.
  • It also symbolizes freedom as a butterfly soars in the sky freely signifying independence and freedom.
  • Many women sport this tattoo as it symbolizes impermanence and fragility in life just like the delicate life of a butterfly.
  • This tattoo symbolizes instability on Earth as the butterfly collects food from flower to flower.
  • The symbolism and meaning of these designs also relate to psyche and spirituality of a person.
  • A butterfly also signifies the journey of a soul and many Greeks follow this as their culture.
  • Greeks also believe that the human soul is carried by the butterflies from the Earth to Heaven as it symbolizes free spirit.

About Butterfly Tattoo
These tattoos are mostly sported by women as they signify their delicate nature. There are a variety of options and designs from which you can choose. You can even get a tattoo of the exact photo of a butterfly. Celtic and tribal butterfly tattoos are very popular and many women sport them as it gives a unique look to the person sporting it. Butterfly tattoos can be sported on upper or lower back and feet. You can even combine these tattoos with the designs of flowers for a graceful look. You can experiment with different colors through which you can express and they will look very attractive.

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