Tattoos for Couples

Many couples get these tattoos done in order to express their true love for each other. However, some of them do not prefer this, as they feel that the future of a relationship cannot be predicted. Tattoos for couples are usually sported by many celebrity couples and a few of these tattoos are heart tattoos, name tattoos, sayings, love quotes, matching tattoos etc. Have a look at a few more couple tattoo designs.

Couple Tattoo Ideas

  • Finding a tattoo is a little difficult as it is very important to choose a design which relates and matches perfectly to your relationship.
  • Many couples sport name tattoos as they have gained popularity among them and is the best way to express the love for your loved ones.
  • Many of them prefer getting names of their loved ones imprinted inside a heart tattoo as well.
  • Sporting couple tattoos can be risky due to unsuccessful relationships and one good example for it is the tattoos of Billy Bob and Angelina Jolie. They got each other’s name carved on their arms and later got them removed with the help of a laser surgery.
  • It is always important to choose a tattoo which will not make you regret in future.
  • Tattooing your children’s names can be a best idea, if you are married and have kids.
  • You can even get your marriage anniversary date tattooed.
  • Wedding bands and ring tattoos symbolizes loyalty and unity. You can get each other’s name engraved inside the ring as well.
  • Couples can get similar placements and similar designs close to your heart tattooed on their body.
  • You can even get same designed heart tattoos tattooed on same body parts.
  • Getting a love quote carved on your body is another best way to express your love for each other.
  • Getting the birth-date of each other or a love song sculpted can be a great idea.
  • One peculiar way to express your love is by getting a heart lock tattoo as this symbolizes the bond between each other.
  • You can get these tattoos carved on your wrists, ankles, upper arms, shoulders, feet etc.

The above mentioned suggestions may be helpful for all the couples planning to get a tattoo. You can even come up with your own innovative ideas appealed by both of them. Happy tattooing!

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