Palm Tree Tattoos

Tattooing is referred to as imprinting of permanent designs on the skin of a person by injecting ink on it. This form of body art has gained popularity in the recent times and each of these designs has it’s own mystical history symbolizing different meanings. These designs can be a replica of bird, animal or tree tattoos. Many opt for tribal, angel and fairy tattoos as well. Palm trees, cherry blossom trees, oak trees, and blossom tree tattoos are a few tree designs. Palm tree tattoos are generally known for their typical design and the following article provides a little more information about them.

Meaning of Palm Tree Designs
This design has a unique shape with a single tall trunk along with foliage which has long leaves without branches. There are different types of palm trees like needle palm, sago palm, fan palm, queen palm etc. Assyria is a date palm tree of the ancient civilization and is also known as the “Tree of Life” and also “Garden Paradise“. This tree symbolizes immortality and eternity and the leaves of it symbolize wisdom, victory and good. Palm tree tattoo symbolizes victory, resurrection, eternity, wisdom and everlasting life over the death of a person.

Different Design Ideas

  • There are a wide variety of designs available for palm tree tattoos.
  • You can sport this design using vibrant colors which give a beautiful look to the tattoo.
  • You can even come up with your creative ideas by adding natural elements to the design.
  • Tropical palm tree designs are usually included along with birds and a beautiful beach.
  • You can even sport a tattoo that can portray sunset between two trees along with flying birds near to the sun.
  • You can have a design with dolphins jumping out of the sea along with the palm tree.
  • Tribal palm tree is another popular tattoo design that can be sported in black color to give it a vibrant look.

These tattoos can usually be sported on various parts of the body depending on the shape and size of the tattoo. Small palm trees can be sported on ankles and wrists. A huge palm tree along with various designs can be sported on the entire leg or rib cage.

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