Good and Evil Tattoos

Both religious and cultural scripts followed by many people across the globe are usually divided into good and bad. These differentiations are usually made on the basis of morality based on both religious and philosophical concepts. There is an old belief that good is always born to encounter the evil. This concept has gained great popularity among the tattoo lovers. Many of them prefer good and evil tattoos to show the brighter and darker side of their lives. The following article provides you with the details of good and evil tattoos.

Different Tattoo Designs
These tattoos can be sported together or separately and many prefer them tattooed next to each other. There are certain opposite tattoos which can be sported on the opposites side of the head, two legs, hands and various other body parts. The following are the popular good and evil tattoo designs.

Angel and Devil Tattoos: These are the very first things that come in the mind of a person when he/she thinks of good and evil. Angels usually stand for acceptability, morality, love and good; whereas, devil represents hate, immorality, bad and wrong. A person planning to get these tattoos done can either get a devil and an angel facing each other on different places of the body he/she chooses. Many people get a larger tattoo design of the battle between good and bad in a decorative and elaborated way. You can even choose a single design on the face which depicts both good and evil.

Yin and Yang Tattoos: These are other good and bad evil tattoos and these are ancient Chinese symbols which represent both good and bad. This tattoo depicts the union of opposites and harmony. White and black yin yang tattoos are very simple and preferred by many of them. Other designs like sun, heart, dragon etc. can be sported along with it. These tattoos can be worn on wrist, back of the neck or arms.

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