Forearm Tattoo Designs for Men

Tattoos have gained popularity among both men and women all over the world. However, men seem to be more inclined towards tattooing than women. It has become very difficult to choose a good design as there are myriads of patterns and designs available in the market. Many people prefer getting a tattoo done on different parts of the body like back, shoulder, neck, legs and arms. The following article provides you with the information on the various options available for forearm tattoo designs for men.

Various Forearm Designs for Men
Men sport tattoos on their forearm for several reasons and one of the major reason is that it is a visible part of the body. Many men have toned and muscular forearms which can accommodate a cool tattoo that can definitely grab anyone’s attention. The following are a few popular designs for men.

  • Star Tattoos: Moon star, nautical star and shooting star are the popular forearm tattoos for men. Shooting star tattoo comes with a trail of small stars, moon tattoo represents a combination of moon and stars and they have a deep symbolic meaning. Many men sport shooting star tattoos for fulfillment of wishes and good luck. Nautical star depicts protection and symbolizes protection and guidance.
  • Cross Tattoos: This tattoo symbolizes Christianity and mostly catholics and Christians sport cross tattoos. Tribal, Celtic and Gothic cross tattoos are different patterns of this tattoo. Iron cross is sported by many people and it represents German military and it also symbolizes mystery and darkness.
  • Ambigram Tattoos: Many men sport a word that can be read upside or downwards and straight manner. Ambigram tattoos represent the good and evil side of a person.
  • Tribal Tattoos: These tattoos are sported either in white, navy blue or black patterns and they are considered as the most popular tattoos among men. Tribal tattoos can be of any size and they depict the mysterious and dark charm of a person.

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