Yin and Yang Tattoos

Yin and Yang Tattoos
Many people get their body tattooed for two reasons and they are – to express the meaning behind the tattoo symbol or design and the other to make a style statement. Most of the designs have some hidden meaning or symbolism associated with it and people with similar thoughts and beliefs sport them. If you feel that you want a tattoo which has a deeper meaning in it, then yin and yang tattoos are best for you.

Meaning Behind Yin and Yang Tattoos
This design is considered as the most popular Chinese symbol and it depicts the union of opposites. This design is divided into lighter part and the darker part and they are fused perfectly together, exactly like two pieces of a puzzle. It is very difficult to find out which part is light or dark as it has a spot of both light in dark and vice versa.

Yin and yang symbol stands for the balance in life as there is no good without evil, no day without night and no life without death. It signifies the existence of opposites in a single perfect art. This symbol signifies the evil and good nature of a person as well.

Different Tattoo Ideas

  • The most famous and popular design of Yin and yang tattoos is the black and white color and is sported by many people.
  • This symbol is recognized across the globe and many of them acknowledge it immediately.
  • Blue-black, red-black etc. are a few other color combinations of this design and these are considered as the basic designs of Yin and yang tattoos.
  • There are other creative designs of this symbol and the designs of flowers, birds, dolphins etc. can be carved inside or around this design.
  • Dragon yang tattoos are very popular among guys as this is considered as one of the symbolic and elaborated tattoos.
  • Yin and yang tribal designs are also very popular and the sun tattoo with wings or flames around it is usually drawn along it.

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