Angel Tattoos for Men

Tattoos have become a fad of this century and it has been followed since many centuries. Tattoos have been sported by both men and women since 5000 years. They were sported due to several reasons and it was considered as a signature for any particular tribe in the ancient times. They were sported as a mark of superiority or seniority and sometimes for religious reasons as well. In today’s world tattoos have become incredibly fashionable and they help in expressing one’s personality. A person sporting a tattoo makes an incredible style statement. Famous personalities like Jessica Alba, David Beckham, 50 Cent and Brad Pitt sport numerous variety of tattoos. The following article provides you with the information on different kinds of angel tattoos for men.

Different Angel Tattoos for Men
The following are a few angel tattoo ideas for men who are planning to get one done.

  • Archangel Tattoos: These angels are considered to be close to God as they stood before Him in revelations. Arch angels are considered as the divine messengers of God sent to all mankind. Out of these seven angels Micheal is considered as a famous archangel as he led the battle against Lucifer another archangel popularly known as Satan. The tattoo of Micheal shows him holding a body armor, a big sword and wings swept in readiness. This tattoo can be sported on the broad shoulder as it gives you the look of a warrior.
  • Guardian Angel: These angels protect the mankind in the time of crisis. Many men sport a guardian angel tattoo to keep these angels close to them. These tattoos are also sported by many of them to honor their lost loved ones. Make sure that the tattoo artist does all the art work required for it. These tattoos depict the angels with a halo on their heads, with spreaded wings and holding their hands together.
  • Cherub Tattoo: These tattoos looks similar to that of cupid images. Cupid tattoo with a heart design looks exactly like a cherub tattoo. These designs looks similar to the designs of a baby holding a bow and an arrow along with a scarlet heart background.
  • Fallen Angel Tattoo: This tattoo depicts the archangel Lucifer falling from the grace of the Lord as he was defeated by another archangel Michael. These tattoos depict an anguished facial expression burning in fire.

Many men sporting angel tattoos always have a feeling that the angels are watching over them.

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