Healing a Tattoo

The timeline of healing a tattoo actually begins from the moment a new tattoo wearer walks out of the tattoo studio. While a tattoo is healing, the first few days are critical to initiate healthy healing. Also, it is necessary to promote life-time preservation of the permanent artwork inked on your skin. You might be thinking how a healthy, healing tattoo exactly looks like? Usually, the new tattoo looks a bit red and sore – this is perfectly normal. To make the permanent tattoo, the tattoo is engraved on your skin layers. You should expect the healing a tattoo process as the healing of a wound. Read on to know more about healing a tattoo.

Healing Stages of Tattoos

• Week 1 of tattoo healing timeline
In the first week, you may feel sunburn-like sensations in the newly acquired tattooed area. Also, you can expect some discomfort and minor swelling. To alleviate some of the discomfort, you can use over-the counter pain relievers.

• Week 2 of tattoo healing timeline
You can see that the new tattoo is starting to peel and flake. Even the area of the new tattoo can feel itchy and dry. Remember that you SHOULD NOT scratch your new tattoo.also, avoid picking any scabs.

• Week 3 of tattoo healing timeline
By this time, most of the scabbing on the new tattoo will disappear. Although, the area may still be sensitive as the skin continues to heal properly.

Proper Healing of a Tattoo
It is very important to initiate proper after care immediately for your new tattoo. This is the key element to heal a tattoo properly. Also, it helps in the longevity of the permanent tattoo design. Getting a tattoo is almost like having a minor surgery. You should take care to the keep the area germ-free and clean, as much as possible. Even ensure that your sheets and clothes are clean. Avoid picking at your tattoo. The tattoo area will get itchy; but scratching will prolong the healing process of the new tattoo.

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