What are Fish Tattoos?

There are several meanings to the image of a fish, which actually depends on the setting. Fish tattoos are hugely popular among countless tattoo lovers and aficionados. In Christianity, the symbol of Ichthus has been used from time immemorial. Also, a koi fish symbolizes masculinity and courage. They also signify a plethora of virtues depending on the amount of koi fish displayed and color patterns of the fish. It is believed that the god of creativity, magic and wisdom, Ea was an amalgamation of a goat and fish. Later he became the symbol of the popular sun sign, Capricorn. These examples highlight the vast collection of symbolism related with fish tattoos. Read on to explore more about the fish tattoos.

Fish Tattoos – The Significance!
You might be tempted to flaunt a fish tattoo which has a deep meaning; but the large availability of aesthetically stunning fish may allure you to decide on something unique. A few such beautiful examples are Discus and Betta fish. The Betta fish is also known as the Siamese fighting fish, which are renowned for their aggressiveness. This fish can be inscribed as a tattoo design by those who consider themselves to be a loner. This fish come in different hues; a deep blue and rich green being the most common colors. A brilliant white, turquoise and red can also be seen. Discus depict a peaceful yet sensitive nature. This fish is round and large. They have orange, brown and green patterns surrounding their bodies.

The fish tattoos represent many spiritual beliefs and myths which features the fish. One such Greek myth is about Aphrodite, who throws herself into the ocean. She transforms into a fish. Although these tattoos are mostly used for their underlying, significant meaning, there is a certain mystical allure about their graceful, colorful and unique appearance.

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