Fire Dragon Tattoo – The Mystical Beast Tattoo!

Among all the magnificent and mythical beasts, the fire dragon has made its presence felt in various cultures. Also, the fire dragon is considered to be most universal. Therefore, its underlying meaning as a symbol keeps changing. The fire dragon is known to be a beneficent creature in the East, whereas it is feared to be a primordial enemy in the West. A combat with this mystical beast is known to be the final supreme test. According to legend and myth, a person is hero when he conquers the dragon. Read on to know more about the mystical fire dragon tattoo.

But as a fire dragon tattoo design or as a symbol, is that a positive or negative characteristic? Discover the aspects about fire dragon and tattoos.

Fire Dragon Tattoos – The Significance
The Gnostics saw the bright and glorious side – “Our Spirit or Chaos is the fiery dragon that wins over all things.” The fire-spitting mythical creature was solely associated with lightning. Also, it was linked with rainmaking and thunder, which made it a unique symbol of productivity and fertility. This celestial phenomenon represented how Water and Earth elements were united. Hence, the ancient Emperors adopted the fire dragon to represent the rhythm of existence which ensured prosperity and order. Even the Celtic kings followed the same.

The word ‘dragon’ came into existence from the Greek word ‘derkein’ which means ‘seeing’. This explains why the antagonistic fire dragon also represents vigilance and alertness. In many cultures across the world, the dragon was the guardian of treasures and temples. If you are interested in this mystical creature, then you can flaunt a fire dragon tattoo to symbolize power and vigilance.

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