Feather Tattoos – An Overview

The feather tattoos are prevalently seen in the form of wings or featured in Native American designs. The symbol of freedom of spirit, truth and ascension can portray different styles. Most frequently, these carry their unique individual significance. Read on to explore more about the feather tattoos.

Feather Tattoos – The Quill
This tattoo style can be relatively simpler to other tattoos. These feature a large quill spread on the side of an arm or leg. Also, it can be created along the back. Most often, the Celtic Druids wore heavy robes which were covered with feathers. Each of the feather color had its own unique meaning – yellow means eloquence and intellect, red means courage and passion, purple meant power, while orange meant vibrant energy.

The image of three feathers conjoined together at the bottom symbolises the virtues – faith, hope and charity – in Christianity. Most often, these were depicted as heavy silver signets. The feather tattoo can be portrayed as a single feather, or in a form of fan. One can even flaunt the exquisite eye-like design found in the peacock’ tail feathers. A few consider it as the dreaded ‘evil eye’, whereas some other thinks it is a sign of protection. One can also flaunt turkey tail feather tattoo across the base of the back which looks equally brilliant and intricate.

The feather tattoos can also feature other symbols alike. The quill can be portrayed with flowers or with a meaningful poem. Most frequently, the feathers are formed in the shape of stars or hearts, in armbands or amongst dream catchers. However, many such tattoos are portrayed to express a feeling of freedom. Even this portrays a sense of pride in one’ heritage and lineage. The feather tattoos can wonderfully create a broad and sweeping design or a simple and meaningful design.

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