Chinese Dragon Tattoo – The Mystical Creature!

It is popularly believed that the Chinese dragon manifested from the totem poles of the various tribes in China. When these tribes merged together, the several attributes of the mythical creature’ appearance took shape. Many tattoo lovers and afficandos love to flaunt a Chinese dragon tattooacross the world. Read on to explore more about the mystical Chinese dragon tattoo.

The dragon has finally evolved over a period of time to include the features of nine animals to become the magnificent beast it is today. These features are as following:

• Ears of a cow
• Soles of a tiger
• Claws of an eagle
• Scales of a carp fish
• Stomach of a clam
• Neck of a snake
• Eyes of a demon
• Head of a camel
• Horns of a deer

When you combine all these nine features, you have the Chinese dragon. Over the ages, the Chinese dragon tattoo has become very popular. In several oriental pictures of the beast, a thunder-ball or a pearl is shown -portraying wisdom and good luck.

Chinese Dragon Tattoos – The Underlying Meaning
The mystic and appeal of the tattoo design is also enhanced as it is centuries old. This is a symbol of good will, wisdom, power and mystery. The dragon is associated with the number 9, because of the nine sections. Also, their qualities include strength, courage and loyalty. In the olden times, it was considered to ward off bad, evil spirits.

According to the Chinese, they think they are descendants of the dragon. This is known as “Long De Chuan Ren.” This popular belief emerged when their 1st Emperor Huang Di expired. The Chinese legend has it that he was re-incarnated into a dragon and went to heaven. Hence, this mystical beast became a symbol of imperial power and authority. The beauty of the Chinese dragon tattoo, amalgamation of stunning green, black and red colors makes it very popular and famous.

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