Understand Tattoos Risks – Things to Know

Getting a new tattoo is more common nowadays, although don’t take tattooing so lightly! You should know and understand tattoos risks to avoid any health complications. You can easily become a proud owner of a brand new tattoo in a couple of hours – but make a very thoughtful decision about getting inked permanently. You should take careful and safety steps to avoid possible tattoos risks. This will prevent the cool idea from turning into a source of regret later. Red on to understand tattoos risks.

How Tattoos are Inked
A tattoo design is a permanent form of body art inked onto your skin. This is made with pigments which are inserted into your skin’s top layer. The tattoo artists use hand-held machine which acts like a sewing machine, with needles repeatedly piercing your skin. With each puncture, these needles insert little amount of tattoo ink droplets. The process of tattooing is usually done without any anesthetics. This may last for hours depending on the size of tattoo designs. Also, the tattooing causes a little bleeding and can cause pain.

Know the Potential Tattoos Risks
Tattoos penetrate the skin, which can cause skin infections and various other complications. These potential risks include:

  • Allergic reactions – The tattoo pigments or ink, especially the red pigment, can cause allergic reactions in the skin. This results in an itchy rash at the site of the tattoo. These allergic reactions may occur after a long time also.
  • Skin infections – The inking process can cause local bacterial infections. These infections are characterized by pus formation, pain, swelling and redness at the tattoo site.
  • Various skin problems – Bumps known as granulomas can form at the tattoo site. This mainly occurs if red dye is used to make the tattoo design. Also, raised areas may be caused on the skin due to overgrowth of scar tissues. This is known as kleoids.
  • Bloodborne diseases – If the tattoo machine used is contaminated with infected blood, then you may contract several bloodborne ailments like HIV, tetanus, hepatitis C and hepatitis B.

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