Name Tattoos on Wrist

Wrist tattoos can be great and fantastic on both men and women alike. Hence, they are considered as popular tattoo designs across the world. One such tattoo design which is slowly gaining recognition and popularity is name tattoos on wrist. Wrist tattoos are available in wide variety of designs, inexpensive and small in size. Hawaiian designs, stars, Celtic knotwork and tribal bands work well as wrist tattoo designs. If you are thinking to flaunt your own or you’re beloved’ name etched on the wrist, then you should consider different aspects apart from just designs. Read on to explore more about name tattoos on wrist.

Tattoos are basically used as self-expression. They not only decorate your body as body art, but also represent one’ persona. They even symbolize love, a tribute or memory.

Name Tattoos on Wrist – The Underlying Importance
When talking about tattoos that express the feeling of love, one can’t forget to list name tattoos and heart tattoos on the top. You might be thinking why name tattoos? Most of us are aware of the fact that getting a tattoo inked is not an easy feat! When a tattoo lover goes through the painful process of tattooing and flaunts the name of another person, which signifies undying love for that special person. Hence, name tattoos are a symbol of eternal love, be it love for someone else or oneself!

Although getting a name tattoo inked on your wrist might sound like a romantic idea, you should remember that the tattoo design is permanent. But your love for someone may not last forever! So, you should be very careful before getting a name tattoo inked on your wrist. Make careful consideration! However, your own name or children name can be inked without thinking twice about it.

Name Tattoos on Wrist – The Tattoo Designs
Wrist tattoos are done on the inner side of your wrist. This is the normal convention. As the space for the tattoo design is limited, you should choose a small wrist tattoo design as well. If you wish to flaunt a name tattoo, you should first consult your tattoo artist whether the name will fit your wrist. Otherwise, you can simply exhibit your initials. Here are a few ideas for name tattoos on wrist.

Various Styles and Scripts – You can choose to flaunt you name tattoo design in different scripts apart from English. The most popular scripts are Hebrew, Arabic, Kanji and Chinese. You can ask your tattoo artist how the name tattoo will appear in a particular script. You can choose from a variety of tattoo lettering designs and styles. You can also go ahead with calligraphy or ambigram.

Heart Tattoos with Name – One more popular and hot favorite tattoo design is heart tattoos with names. This is most apt and suitable if you are inking your beloved’ name as both the designs symbolize undying love. You can opt for different heart designs. For example, you can show freedom in your love by etching a heart with wings and the name inside it. You can also think of your own unique and exquisite tattoo design with some creativity and innovation.

Floral Tattoos with Name – If you wish to flaunt a simple yet beautiful tattoo design, then a floral tattoo with name is the best choice for you. You need to choose a small flower design as space is limited on your wrist. You can also be creative by surrounding your tattoo design with delicate flower border. Another good option is intricate vine patterns to make an exquisite design. You can even get the name etched in the flower pattern. This looks extremely beautiful and unique.

Hence, if you are interested to flaunt a unique tattoo design, then go ahead and get an name tattoo on your wrist!

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