Clown Tattoos – The Laughing Element!

Have you ever wondered what lies behind the white face paint and the red painted mouth of a clown tattoo? Does the tattoo lover flaunts the clown tattoo in remembrance of childhood memories? Or does the tattoo design means something more than that? With their colorful costumes and wild antics, clowns always have been mysterious as they have the ability to bring a smile on everyone’s face. Small children simply enjoy their comedic pitfalls and colorful faces whereas the adults love the clown’s silent mimes of emotions. Hence, many of us may recollect the fond memories of the clown. Read on to know more about the clown tattoos.

Clown Tattoos – Makes Us Laugh!
Clowns are both funny and scary at the same time. By inking clown tattoos, you can showcase the dual persona which the clowns possess. It is the perfect way to capture the emotions brought forward by the clowns. The clowns were always shown to be lovable and friendly characters, the sole purpose was to bring smiles and laughter. In the tattoo designs, the clowns are depicted as smiling red mouths who are gentle and soft, with a twinkle in their eye which calms and pleases us.

Clown Tattoos can be Scary
But there is another persona to the clowns, which sometimes appear in our dreams. In the movie Poltergeist, the evil clown came alive and scared the viewers to death. This brought out the darker side of the funny clowns. You can also find evil clown tattoos with sinister laughing face and wicked eyes. Another evil tattoo design is skulls with empty eyes which are frightening to see.

The evil clown tattoos are shown to have flaming hair, macabre expression and evil mask. They also have a big mouth with sharp teeth which scares people. This makes them wonder about the tattoo wearer’s personality.

As clowns are all about being whimsical, funny and mysterious, many tattoo lovers and aficionados choose to wear this tattoo design in remembrance of their fond childhood memories. Hence, if you want to bring the child alive in you, go ahead and flaunt a clown tattoo!

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