Chrysanthemum Tattoos – The Flower Tattoo!

Chrysanthemum is one of the most popular and widely cultivated flowers across the world as it is renowned as the “Queen of the Fall Flowers”. Hence, even chrysanthemum tattoos are unarguably one of the popular tattoo designs in the world. With centuries of careful tending and breeding by gardeners, there is wide variety of floral sizes, colors and shapes. The palette of vibrant colors include white, orange, yellow, red, purple and pink. Chrysanthemum tattoos are an integral form of Japanese tattoos. Read on to explore more about the beautiful and exquisite chrysanthemum tattoos. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum Tattoos – The Japanese Influence!
The Japanese tattoos have a major influence from specific symbols, even in the choice of flowers – specifically the peony, the cherry blossom and the chrysanthemum. This flower is regarded as the ‘solar flower’ of Japan. The Imperial family implemented the flower design in the Seal of the Emperor and their emblem. In fact, the position of the Emperor is known as ‘The Chrysanthemum Throne’. This flower is shown to have 16 petals which radiate as flames from the sun. The center of the flower depicts the the Emperor’s status. The inherent attributes of the worthy ruler and flower are joy and longevity.

The highest Order of Chivalry in Japan is known as the Imperial Order of the Chrysanthemum. They even celebrate ‘Chrysanthemum Day’ in their nation which is famously known as the ‘Festival of Happiness’. In the Japanese style of tattooing, different elements are combined together to form beautiful tattoo designs – kiku (chrysanthemum) with ryu (dragon). These designs are the traditional form of tattoo designs.

Hence, the chrysanthemum tattoo symbolizes happy and long life as the flower represents fullness and the fall season. So, go ahead and get a exquisite tattoo design inked onto your skin to express a joyful state!

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