Rosary Tattoos – The Religious Tattoos

One of the most famous and popular form of religious tattoos are the rosary tattoos. The rosaries are used in many religions such as Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam to count the prayer recitations. These are prayer beads used by the countless faithful devotees across the world. The rosary of the Catholics consists of 54 beads and 5 more additional beads. The rosary tattoos are mostly combined with other religious symbol like a cross, a heart or praying hands. Also, simple words like a verse or quote from Bible are used to complement the tattoo design. Read on to explore more about rosary tattoos and their implication. Rosary Tattoo

Rosary Tattoos – The Significance
This form of tattoo designs are predominant in many cultures around the world. This body art is exhibited by Roman Catholic devotees as well as those people who have faith in Christianity. Although, some religions prohibit the tattoo artwork such as Islam and Judaism. They refuse the idea of tattoos and do not allow such form of body art. In Christianity, the rosary tattoo design expresses a unique and beautiful feeling of faith and devotion. The term rosary is actually taken from the Latin word “rosarium”. This refers to a rose garden.

Among the Roman Catholics, the prayer beads are frequently used. This is also known as a decade.The famous American socialite and actress, Nicole Ritchie made the rosary tattoos phenomenal by flaunting an ankle rosary bead tattoo. Hence, if you wish to express your devotion to Christianity, you can get a rosary tattoo inked as it is a very famous religious symbol.

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