Jesus Cross Tattoos

The mere term tattoos brings the image of a rebellion against the society. So, do you think that it would be hard to create any tattoo design inspired from Jesus? The Son of God was disowned by his own people as a blasphemer, who went against the wind. In the eyes of Jews, he was a rebel who did not follow the traditions of his times. He was the initiator of Change. Hence, many countless devotees love to flaunt a Jesus inspired tattoo design, especially a Jesus cross tattoo. Some people who believe in the faith of Christianity symbolize Jesus as correction. Read on to know more about the Jesus cross tattoos.

Symbols from the religion such as the angel wings, crown of thorns, the star and the cross are renowned as tattoo designs across the world. One such tattoo form which is gaining popularity among many tattoo lovers and aficionados is of Jesus carrying the cross or hanging on it. Here are a few popular tattoo designs on Jesus cross tattoos.

Jesus Cross Tattoos – A Few Designs
The Jesus cross is a well-renowned tattoo design which has a vast collection of styles. Also, it holds significance in different cultures. A few such designs include the crucifix, the Maltese cross tattoo, 3-step cross tattoo, Latin cross tattoo and Christian cross tattoo. These type of tattoo designs are extraordinary and unique. One of the most famous tattoo design is the crucification of Jesus which can be tattooed in several ways.

A few of such Jesus cross tattoo designs are Jesus carrying the cross, Jesus hanging on the cross, rosary tattoos and praying hands tattoos. All these tattoo designs have a strong religious influence. With such a vast collection of tattoo designs, you can show your devotion and faith in the form of tattoo. So, try a unique yet elegant Jesus cross tattoo design to depict your belief in the Son of God!

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