Cherry Tattoo Designs – A Brief History

Cherry tattoo designs are very popular among girls and women. The name of the cherry tree originates from the Greek. In Latin, it interprets into ‘of or for the birds’, as the birds love cherries. Although, the English word ‘cherry’ comes from the Greek ‘kerasos’ and Assyrian ‘karsu’. The cherry tattoo designs symbolize the feminine purity and chastity as the fruit ripens on the blossoming tree. Although, once it is plucked, a cherry symbolizes the loss of virtue and innocence. Read on to know more about the wonderful cherry tattoo designs.

Cherry Tattoo Designs – A Brief History
One idea of this tattoo design is a cherry engulfed in flames. This signifies an unquenchable passion and desire. Coming back to the history of cherry tree, it is considered to be one of the oldest cultivated fruit trees. This tree naturally occurs in Western Asia and Eastern Europe. Across the world, the cherry tree has been mostly planted in the temperate climates. The cherry tree has been revered for a long time (since 300 BC) for the deliciousness of cherry fruit as well as the breathtaking beauty of cherry blossoms.

It was a treasured tree in the Mediterranean region as was a popular fruit of the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks. The cherries were used in their cuisines as well as to prepare alcoholic beverages like cherry wines. It made its presence felt even in the eastern parts of the world. In Japan, the cherry blossom symbolized the fierce warrior class, the Samurai. Also, in China, the blossom holds an important cultural symbol.

A few fruits symbolize fertility and cherry is one of the most prominent examples. The taste and color of this fruit is often compared to the first taste of love. Hence, if you are in love and desire to flaunt a tattoo inspired from love, get a cherry tattoo design inked onto your skin!

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