Cheetah Tattoos – The Underlying Meaning

As an animal tattoo design and a totem, the cheetah epitomizes focus, insight and swiftness. Out of family of big cats, this feline is considered to be the fastest, as it is capable of running at a speed more than 68 mph! That too in just mere 3 seconds! The astonishing display of swiftness makes this big cat the fastest animal on land. This is why many tattoo lovers and aficionados love to flaunt a dazzling cheetah tattoo design. With its long tail, narrow waist with a small head, the cheetah makes a popular tattoo design. Read on to explore more about the cheetah tattoos.

Cheetah – The Magnificent Creature
Within the magnificent creature’s deep chest, there lies a heart beating rapidly when chasing a prey. The cheetah is known as a strong hunter for its agility and killing the prey with one quick bite on the prey’s throat. Also, the hunter is known to be the most reclusive and shyest cat among its group.

One African legend reveals the story of how cheetah actually got the black lines which are famously called ‘tear stains’. These markings are called tear stains as they seem to stream down from the eyes. The legend goes by how the mother cheetah left her prey to search for her stolen cubs. She believed that a hunter stole her cubs, but the hunter actually stole her kill. Hence, the mother cheetah started crying and her tears made the marks on her fur. Finally the justice prevailed, and the hunter was duly punished. Also, the cubs reunited with their mother.

This legend set a sacred trend that the hunting practice must prevail, which made this magnificent creature a symbol of respect and honor. Hence, if you are interested to flaunt the majestic feline in the form of body art, get a unique and beautiful cheetah tattoo inked onto your skin.

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