Celtic Knot Tattoos – The Symbol of Eternity

One of the famous and popular tattoo designs is Celtic knot tattoos, which are rather impressive and awesome. The complex interweaves and shapes of this artwork dates back as far as the first century. These tattoo designs are stunning and represent everything a tattoo ought to express. Celtic knot tattoos are rich-bodied tattoo designs which embodies an expressive and powerful meaning. Read on to know more about the gritty Celtic knot tattoos.

The history of the Celtic artwork is impressive and diverse. Hence, if you are thinking of getting a Celtic knot tattoo to pay homage to this rich culture, be rest assured that you are on the right track.

Celtic Knot Tattoos – The Timeless Symbolism
This tattoo design is considered to be one of the most identifiable and emblematic piece of art in the Celtic history. Also, the Celtic knot first made its presence felt in the 5th century. Although, the real significance of this tattoo design is incomplete as times because there is lack of documentation. But renditions and repeated showings of this Celtic tattoo design reveals the underlying meaning.

This knot symbol is also known as the endless knot or the mystic knot. Also, the sacred meaning of this tattoo design refers that life is a cycle – with no beginnings or endings. If you carefully observe the intricate pattern of this knots, then you will not see either a beginnings or ending. This actually reminds us of the timeless nature of human spirit.

Another interpretation of this tattoo design is the continuous nature of the knots. Hence, a Celtic knot tattoo represents a life sans any interruptions. Also, they act as emblems of endless life cycle and longevity.

Research Tattoo Designs
The best way to research your tattoo design are online tattoo galleries. You can even interact with people who actually possess a Celtic tattoos like cross or knots. You can’t find this tattoo on free galleries. Hence, do your homework and register yourself to a online tattoo forum which has a sizable number of members.

So, you can go ahead and flaunt a unique and enigmatic Celtic knot tattoo as a form of body art.

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