Hawaiian Flower Tattoos – Flowers From Paradise!

If you want to pay homage to the colorful Hawaiian culture, you can express you devotion by flaunting a Hawaiian flower tattoo. If you are not sure about the flower tattoo designs, you can look through a vast collection of Hawaiian flower tattoo designs. The tropical flowers from the beautiful island are considered to be exotic and vibrant. Also, it is a fact that the paradise on earth has the abundance and most variety of tropical flowers in the globe. Read on to explore more about the beautiful and exotic Hawaiian flower tattoos.

Hawaiian Flower Tattoos – The Exotic Beauty!
It is imperative that you must know the meaning of any flower before getting a tattoo onto your skin. Here are a few flowers which Hawaii offers and you can flaunt them in a form of tattoo:

  1. Anthuriums – These flowers are an excellent option for flower tattoo design. Anthuriums resemble the heart’s shape. Also, they are of bright red color. These flowers are very popular Hawaiian flowers which symbolize the island’s hospitality and are often shipped to various parts of the world.
  2. Hibiscus – These are tropical flowers and are native of Hawaii. The yellow hibiscus is the state’s flower and it is known as ma’o hau hele hibiscus. They are one of the popular choice of tattoos as they come in a wide range of colors – orange, lavender, green, yellow, blue, red, white and pink. These flowers symbolize a very delicate beauty.
  3. Orchids – These flowers symbolize many aspects such as beauty, love, strength, luxury and magnificence. One of the most popular orchid is the Dendrobium orchids. These bloom in the shape of butterflies. This flower can be inked as a tattoo design onto your skin.
  4. Birds of Paradise – These flowers represents paradise and joyfulness. Also, these flowers are renowned as they resemble a bird flying. Birds of Paradise are very vibrant and dramatic. If you wish to flaunt a very exotic and colorful Hawaiian tattoo design, then your best bet is Birds of Paradise.

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