Cat Paw Tattoo – The Mischief Maker!

Freedom of thought, quick reflexes and independence, that’s the free spirit of the feline creature – cats. Therefore, many tattoo lovers and aficionados around the world are inspired by this enigmatic feline and flaunt a cat paw tattoo. The felines famed agility, as it always lands on its feet, has garnered reputation for having nine lives. You can flaunt a cat paw tattoo to show you affection for your pet cat. Here are a few ideas for cat paw tattoos.

Cat Paw Tattoos Designs
Here are a few ideas and designs for sporting a cat tattoo. You can either be psychedelic or realistic in your expression.

Realistic Tattoo Designs
Irrespective of your liking the big cats or house cats, a realistic cat tattoo design looks cool undoubtedly. You can find a wide variety of cat paw tattoo designs. The most common tattoo design is a simple paw design. You can add claws for a fierce look or leave them off for a softer look. Another popular choice is entire cat paw covered with fur. You can even flaunt claw marks for a wilder look. So, you can use your imagination to create a unique cat tattoo design.

Psychedelic Tattoo Designs
Although realistic cat tattoo designs are unbeatable, there is no hard and fast rule that your cat tattoo design should resemble the real thing. You can simply take the basic outline of the cat paw and fill it in with using your own imagination. You can either make it polka dotted or striped. You can even create a paisley design.

Placement of Cat Paw Tattoos – A Few Ideas
You may choose any cat paw tattoo design, but the placement of the tattoo design is equally important. It is important to ensure that the inked body art is a grand success. There are a few things you should consider. The first thing is the size of the tattoo design.

You can easily flaunt a cat tattoo design either on the calf or side of your legs. Also, you can get it inked on your collar bones if you have a pet kitty who wakes you lovingly every morning by licking your face by placing her paws on your chest!

So, think about the various cat paw tattoo designs you can flaunt and go ahead with the tattooing!

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