Barcode Tattoos – The Underlying Meaning!

Most of you must be aware of the barcode system which is used for checking price. This inventory control uses an optical scanner which reads the series of vertical lines on the item. Barcode tattoos are an expression of rebellion against the commodities and materialistic approach in life. Barcode was first used in the 1950’s and now they are ubiquitous – they are present everywhere from grocery stores to shopping malls. Read on to explore more about the fascinating barcode tattoos.

This system inspired many tattoo artists to design unique barcode tattoos which signify irony – it’s a warning that we may become products ourselves if we are not aware of our rich cultures and heritage.

Barcode Tattoos – The Significance!
This form of tattoos also shows a rebellion against the pop culture, where everyone shares a similar taste in music, wears resembling clothes and use similar products. Hence, the barcode tattoo makes a strong statement against the materialistic culture. Also, it celebrates the uniqueness and diversity of an individual.

The barcode tattoo has made its presence felt in literature and books for several decades now. The references are mostly made in the futuristic films or science fiction, where the human species are shown to be controlled and cataloged. The fiction has now turned into a reality. You can flaunt a barcode tattoo on back of your head or nape of your neck similar to the lead character’s tattoo in the movie inspired by video games, “Hitman”. This is hidden from other’s view.

Another movie which portrayed barcode tattoos was the science fiction move, “Twelve Monkeys” where the criminal’s sported this tattoo design on their necks. A few tattoo lovers flaunt the barcode tattoo design on their forearms to pay homage to the victims of World War II concentration camps. These types of tattoo design are not actually barcodes but they remind one of the presence of human cataloging which has been around from time immemorial.

Hence, if you are interested to flaunt a unique and fascinating tattoo design which stands apart from the conventional tattoo designs, you can stylishly flaunt a barcode tattoo!

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