Dragon Sleeve Tattoos – Chinese and Japanese Style

Dragon sleeve tattoos are the most popular form of Oriental tattoos designs which are sought after by tattoo lovers and aficionados across the world. There are two types of dragon sleeve tattoos – Chinese style and Japanese style. Dragons are the mystical beasts which are revered by the South Asian people from time immemorial. This mythological creature has made its presence felt in the culture and tradition of South Asia. Read on to explore more about dragon sleeve tattoos – Chinese and Japanese style.

Chinese Dragon Sleeve Tattoos
According to the Chinese culture, the mystical beast is amalgamation of nine different entities. These include the 117 body scales from a carp, soles of the feet from a tiger, claws from an eagle, belly from a clam, neck from a snake, horns of a stag, ears from a cow, eyes from a demon and head of a camel. Hence, it is not easy to design a tattoo inspired from dragon as it requires a lot of creativity and expertise. The Chinese tattoo design of the dragon is shown to have four claws. This tattoo looks very vibrant on the sleeves.

Japanese Dragon Sleeve Tattoo
This form of tattoo design differs from the Chinese design as it has a few distinct differences. The Japanese dragon tattoos have three claws instead of four and they fly less frequently than other dragons. The dragons are believed to protect humans and also grant wishes. In olden times, the Emperor was believed to be a descendant of the dragon. Hence, he was considered to be the mightiest ruler in the world. The dragon wings are larger and hence, more accentuated.

So, if you want to stand apart from the crowd, get a unique and majestic dragon sleeve tattoo inscribed and show your respect and admiration for the mystical beast!

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