What is Tattoo Ink Removal?

Many tattoo lovers who love to flaunt a tattoo may end up regretting their decision later. There may be several reasons that may lead to tattoo ink removal. A few might be concerned about their career as employers don’t prefer to hire candidates with visible tattoos. Also, some may think about removing their tattoo because of tattoo ink allergies. Even those who think of getting a new tattoo might want to get rid of their old tattoo. Read on to explore more about tattoo ink removal.

Methods for Tattoo Ink Removal
The methods for tattoo ink removal include procedures like laser removal, dermabrasion and excision.

Laser Tattoo Removal
One of the most effective methods to remove tattoos is laser tattoo removal method. Although, there is no assurance that the tattoo ink will be completely removed. But this method of removing tattoos with laser is a simple process. Light intensity rays are targeted on the tattooed skin, and the ink pigments disintegrate. Afterwards, the white cells present in the body eliminates the ink pigments from the body.

The final result of laser tattoo removal method depends on the type of ink colors used to make the tattoo design. Black ink is very easily removed as it can absorb the different rays in the light spectrum.

Dermabrasion Tattoo Removal
This is considered to be a very painful procedure to remove tattoos from the skin, as the inked skin is scraped and sanded. This method involves anesthetizing the tattooed area and sanding of the skin. It is important to immediately dress the treated area as scarring and bleeding generally occurs. This scarring on the treated area heals very slowly. The process of healing may take several months.

Excision Tattoo Removal
This method is most suitable for small sized tattoos. The tattoo is removed surgically. A dermatological surgeon removes the tattoo by first numbing the area. The pigmented skin layers are removed and the wound is stitched back. This is a safe and easy tattoo removal method.

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