Ankle Tattoo Designs – Flaunt the Style

Ankle tattoos are usually located between the ankle region and the lower calf. One of the hot favorite tattoo among girls and women is ankle tattoo designs. Many love to flaunt one as there is a wide variety of designs one can choose from. These form of tattoos look beautiful and magnificent when inked on the ankle. Another reason for their popularity is that they can be hidden easily using a sock or stockings. One can flaunt the tattoo in style by wearing flip flops or sandals. Read on to explore more about ankle tattoo designs.

A few of the ankle tattoo designs are listed below. You can choose one as per your personality.

Flower Ankle Tattoo Designs
These form of tattoos rank high among girls and women who desire to flaunt one on their ankles. They appear very beautiful as well as feminine. One can be creative and design a combination of flowers and vines together which makes a unique tattoo design for ankle. The popular flower designs are lotus, hibiscus, lilies and most favored, roses.

Butterfly Ankle Tattoo Designs
These are again the all time favorite form of tattoo design. These tattoo designs can have vibrant and bright colors. The patterns of butterfly tattoos look simply stunning. One of the advantages is that the size of the design can be changed very easily.

Star Ankle Tattoo Designs
Many tattoo lovers across the world love to flaunt a star design on their ankle. But one can be unique and creative by combining other celestial bodies in a tattoo design. You can choose from a wide variety of star designs like shooting star tattoo or nautical star tattoo.

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