Sleeve Tattoo Designs for Women

Sleeve tattoo is either a large, single tattoo or a collection of smaller tattoos which covers a person’s arm, generally from shoulder to wrist. This is one of the popular form of tattoo designs and it has made a huge impact in the world of tattoos. There are various forms of sleeve tattoos – quarter sleeves or half sleeves depending on the size ot the tattoo design. Read on to explore more about sleeve tattoo designs for women.

Sleeve Tattoos for Women
Here are a few sleeve tattoo designs specifically meant for women. These tattoo designs are very feminine and pretty which can be flaunted with style by the women folk. The list include a few such tattoo designs.

Zodiac Tattoos
Each of the Zodiac sign is symbolized by either a specific symbol or design which can be inked into a form of tattoo design. Most of the Zodiac symbols are very attractive can be easily made into different tattoo designs using one’s ingenuity and creativity. Also, the glyph of the Zodiac can be used as one of the tattoo design for arm sleeves.

Nautical Star Tattoos
This form of tattoo designs are a hot favorite among the women who desire to flaunt a tattoo on their arm sleeves. The nautical star signifies good luck, guidance and hope. In the ancient times, the nautical star was used by the sailors who wanted to know their ship’s sailing directions. Hence, the nautical star tattoo design is popular among those who aspire to follow their dream. The design can vary from a single star or a cluster of stars which can be either inked in black or in colorful patterns.

There are many other popular and favorite arm sleeve tattoo designs for women which include dolphin tattoos, vine tattoos, flower tattoos, butterfly tattoos, etc. If you wish to flaunt a unique and ethereal tattoo design on your arm sleeve, then tribal tattoos are your perfect choice.

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