What are Arm Sleeve Tattoos?

A new rave in body art which is gradually becoming popular are tattoos. Various tattoo designs can be inked on different locations of the body such as calves, hips, ankles, legs, arms, wait, back and shoulders. However, arm sleeve tattoos are the main aspect. These tattoo designs cover a part of your arm. Arm sleeve tattoo design is a popular form of tattoo design. These tattoo designs form elaborate patterns. Read on to explore more about the fascinating arm sleeve tattoo.

Forms of Arm Sleeve Tattoos
This tattoo design can be of 3 forms – half sleeve, quarter sleeve and full sleeve tattoos. The full sleeve tattoos starts from your shoulder blade and ends at your wrist. Whereas, the quarter sleeve tattoos extend from your arm from shoulders to bicep. The half sleeve tattoos can be of two types – starting from elbow to wrist or from shoulder blade to your elbow.

You can get an arm sleeve tattoo in two ways. You can either start with a small, single tattoo and extend the tattoo design later according to your convenience. Otherwise, you can get the tattoo inked on your arm in one go. It is important to either create or chose your arm tattoo design before making the tattoo. This tattoo design can have a hidden meaning which you can relate to. Also, it should be attractive.

Arm Sleeve Tattoo Ideas
A few ideas for arm sleeve tattoos are theme-based tattoos, celtic tattoos and tribal tattoos. The color and size of the tattoo design should perfectly complement each other to make it more alluring and attractive. You can either opt for a simple black tattoo or be adventurous with a palette of colors.

So, if you desire to flaunt a tattoo on your arms, be adventurous and experiment with the various designs of arm sleeve tattoos. Go ahead and select your tattoo design from a vast collection of arm tattoos designs.

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