Tribal Dragon Tattoos

The tribal dragon tattoos are most suitable for your leg, armband, upper or lower back. The tribal dragon tattoos have a natural elegant flowing curves that perfectly fits into the body’s contour. Also, it adds an element of strength. This explains why this form of tattoos are so popular with many individuals asking for it worldwide. Depending on a place, the tribal dragon tattoo’s meaning keeps changing. Read on to know more about the enigmatic and powerful tribal dragon tattoos.

The Meaning Behind Tribal Dragon Tattoos
From time immemorial, many have been drawn to the mystical allure of the dragon. The beautiful lines of the tribal dragon tattoos perfectly compliment the contours. A hint of power and sensuality spices up the tattoo design. According to the Western culture, dragons represent elements like aggression, power and evil. Dragon is renowned as a beast who is respected, powerful and fearsome.

Whereas in the Eastern culture, they act as protectors and royal symbols. They represent the symbols of good luck, fortune, wisdom and protection. In Greek, the word “Dragon” represents the dragon’s eyes. The dragon’s eyes are known to be hypnotic and mystical.

Various Designs of Tribal Dragon Tattoos
The tribal dragon tattoo designs may consist of different colors. This is done to magnify the beautiful and powerful creature. The traditional tribal dragon tattoo is done with black ink sans any color. Depending on the country, the number of the toes differ such as the Japanese dragons have three toes whereas the Chinese dragons have five toes.

Hence, if you are pondering over getting a tribal dragon tattoo, you should first know the meanings behind the tattoo. There are various tribal dragon tattoos meanings and ideas for everyone. If you think you are a bit on the evil side or powerful and wise, or a protector and benevolent, you can choose from a large collection of tribal dragon tattoos designs.

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