Lotus Flower Tattoo Design

Around the world, the lotus which is God’s most-liked flower has garnered a reputation by making a presence in many religious myths. The lotus flower is considered to be perfect in form. Hence, it is associated with several creation myths. Also, it denotes the “divine vulva” with its radiating petals, which gave birth to the heavenly bodies. Most often, the holy deities are depicted with this pristine flower. Read on to explore more about lotus flower tattoo design.

The lotus flower is known as a sacred symbol which represents all the beautiful aspects of life. Also, it reflects on eternity, purity and divinity. This pristine flower is considered to be holy.

Meaning of Lotus Flower Tattoos
The perfect form of lotus has heavily inspired humans. The symbolism of the flower’s petals opening slowly to sunlight is an analogy of the human soul accepting the divine light. As rose is the popular flower in the West, lotus is the popular flower in the East. These two are the most popular as well as powerful flower motifs among all the flower tattoo designs.

The lotus flower is always associated with the sacred religions of the world. The gods and goddesses of the universe are often portrayed with the pristine flower. The divinity and purity of the lotus tattoo appeals many individuals.

Popularity of Lotus Flower Tattoos
Many reasons are responsible for making the lotus flower tattoos very popular. These include:

  1. These can easily fit into any location on the body. Also, they look very alluring as lower back tattoo designs.
  2. Although, they work equally well on a man’s shoulder. They look good for both men and women.
  3. As it is very vibrant and colorful, this design really stands out. The design can be further extended by adding intricate patterns like water or vines.

You can consider getting a lotus flower tattoo design for yourself as they appear extremely beautiful and serene.

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